EYP-er of the Month: Summer 2012

During the Summer months July and August EYP Austria would like to thank its former board which did a great job over the last year and who’s successor was elected in the General Assembly on the 16th of June.

Schima Labitsch as our charismatic Miss President represented EYP Austria always with enthusiasm and passion. We wish Schima a great time in Paris and will definitely miss her and her need for “Apfelstrudel”!

International Representative and Vice-President Christiane Kraus was always caring for the well-being of EYP Austria’s members and encouraging them to explore the world of EYP throughout Europe – often with personal effort and motivation. As a member of the advisory board she hopefully can transmit all her experience to the new board.

National Coordinator and Vice-President Fabian Sommer joined the team in December 2011 but was very soon known as passionate Board-member. Before heading off to the United States he head-organises the European Youth Forum Tulln 2012 – so do not miss to give him a huge hug at the session!

Treasurer Maria-Anna Grasl became THE financial voice of EYP Austria over the past two years in which she held this position and lifted the financials to a semi-professional level.

Georg Krenn was the responsible for Public Relations for the last 2 years. However, he was not only caring for external partnerships with charm but was also always an “organiser-joker” with his calm and professional behaviour which he surely will prove as a member of the advisory board!

Dear Schima, Christiane, Fabian, Maria-Anna and Georg, we all thank you for your time and personal contribution during your time on board of EYP Austria and wish you all the best for your future – within EYP and outside!