EYP-er of the Month: September


Raphael Bek was the main brain behind this year’s Alumni Weekend of EYP Austria. He took it upon himself to head-organise a 3-day training and socialising event for our keenest members. After spending a month creating a programme full of knowledge sharing and fun, he seemed exhausted but content. With Raphael’s dedication EYP Austria was able to attract some of the best national and international trainers and alumni, who impressed with high quality input.

By choosing Krems as the location for his event, Raphael went back to the place where his very own stunning EYP career, and that of many other participants of the Alumni Weekend 2013, began. This little detail certainly added extra spice to the already great atmosphere of the weekend.

While Raphael’s first EYP session, as all of you who have joined us in Krems might guess, was rather relaxed, he soon felt the urge to test his stress resistance and head organised his first session in 2010 in his hometown Graz. Although still disputed about, we believe that this was also when he came to realise his strong belief in academic quality and developed a sense of responsibility for the National Committee, which he first joined as Web Officer and has been elected to vice-preside, for the second year in a row, last June.

Most of you probably have met this exquisite man and those who have the pleasure to be Raphael’s friend on Facebook already know that he has a not so secret passion for good food (meat and yes, mostly in the middle of the night because that’s when geniuses work) and ironing parties. Furthermore, he is really crazy about (EYP) Austria’s regions, which makes ‘riding an ÖBB train’ his favourite leisure time activity.

As a proud EU citizen, equipped with helpful devices, Raphael cares to raise awareness, academic quality and appreciation for political issues as well as good looks (of documents, of course) wherever and however possible. So once you get a hold of Raphael share your ideas with him, there is no one else as amiable as Mr. Bek when there are new events to plan and people to meet.

We are very glad to have such an inspiring person on board of EYP Austria!