EYP-er of the Month: November

Peter Goldsborough is the Regional Coordinator of EYP Carinthia and Head-Organiser of the EYP Day Villach.

He started his EYP carreer less than a year ago, when he was a delegate at the last EYP Day in Villach. Immediately hooked, Peter became the Regional Coordinator for Carinthia, taking over from Lena Strehman in July, only a couple of months after his first EYP event.

Following his appointment as Regional Coordinator, Peter also applied to become the Head Organiser of the next EYP Day in Villach. During the still ongoing preparations, Peter has not only shown his motivation, but also exraordinary talent and confidence in organising. Be it fundraising or managing his organising team, Peter has shown multiple times that he is about to make the EYP Day Villach an unforgettable event.

In October, Peter also attented the 29th National Conference of EYP Portugal as a delegate and wrote a report on his experiences, showing once more his dedication and commitment to EYP.

When he is not coordinating EYP Carinthia or organising an EYP Day, Peter attends the BG/BRG St. Martin in his hometown Villach.

We are happy to have such a motivated and talented member and hope to see Peter involved in even more events in the future.