Review: EYP Day Vienna

The EYP Day Vienna (16. November 2012) gathered 38 students from Vienna and Lower Austria to experience EYP for the first time and discuss five topics. With an international chairs team and a dedicated teachers’ programme, the EYP Day turned out to be a pleasant experience for everyone.

After a brief teambuilding in the morning, the committees went straight to committee work. All students needed some time to get used to EYP state of mind and methodologies. The last doubts about the endless surprises and new things to be discovered in EYP were put to rest by an energiser-flashmob at lunch. The General Assembly (GA) was lively from beginning to end; meanwhile delegates wished they had more time to debate the resolutions.

EYP Austria is happy about the generally positive feedback and invites all delegates to apply to the upcoming National Conference (Linz 2013) – with a full day of GA.

You can find all photos of the EYP Day Vienna on Facebook.

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