EYP Day Upper Austria 2015

On 13 November 2015 the EYP Day Upper Austria took place in the city of Linz. It was the session that opened the new Academic Year of the European Youth Parliament Austria.
The officials team already met one day before, on Thursday for a day of training and preparation. The venues for that were the Jugendgästehaus Linz as well as the Akademisches Gymnasium Linz. The Officials team consisted of people from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Sweden. After visiting a local restaurant for dinner, the day concluded when everybody returned to the hotel.

On Friday, after Delegates arrived, group Teambuilding happened and participants were split up into separate committees. After Teambuilding, the Delegates from Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna began with the committee work by defining the problems of their topic.

Lunch was provided by the local restaurant Leberkas Pepi which is known as a culinary highlight in Linz and beyond. Refilled with energy by the delicious Leberkas, the Delegates came back to their committee rooms to now find the solutions to the corresponding problems.

EYP Day Linz came to close in General Assembly in which the phrased resolutions were attacked by other committees, defended and discussed. Resolutions were passed or not passed through the voting procedure and the session was closed. Before everybody headed home, the participants rose one more time for the European Anthem.