EYP Day Tyrol 2015 – the first-ever EYP session in the Tyrol

On Friday, 27 November 2015, the EYP Day Tyrol took place in picturesque Kufstein. It was the first session organised by the EYP Austria in the Tyrol. With this event the organisation wished to broaden its horizons and found youngsters from the region that would start with their involvement in EYP.

As usually, for the team of officials, the session started a day before. Organisers had to prepare the venue of the event, which took place in the HLW/FW Kufstein and Chairpersons had their teambuilding and training in a beautiful café called Die Bohne. The team consisted of internationals coming from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. In the evening the officials moved to a local restaurant Auracher Löchl to have a traditional Tyrolean dinner.


On a cold Friday morning, the delegates arrived to Kufstein and shortly afterwards started the general teambuilding in front of the school. Luckily, the teambuilding games involved quite a lot of moving, so everyone warmed up quickly. Later on, the Delegates were introduced to their committees and Chairpersons, who accompanied them to their committee rooms. There, further teambuilding and committee work took place during the rest of the morning. Most of the Delegates were for the first time in their lives able to debate about current European issues with other enthusiasts under a supervision of Chairpersons. Together they identified and offered solutions to given topics.


At midday everyone enjoyed an amazing lunch and dessert prepared and served in the school by local students. As Chairpersons were writing the resolutions, Delegates were preparing for the General Assembly that started early in the afternoon. After a lot of interesting and insightful debates, speeches and voting procedures, both Delegates and Officials were happy to get back energy during an amazingly prepared coffee break. Everyone was able to choose from homemade pies and cupcakes that had EYP written on them, as well as fruits, cereals and much more. Afterwards, the second part part of the General Assembly took place. It was followed by the Closing Ceremony, where, apart from the other distinguished speakers, the mayor of Kufstein, Mag. Krumschnabel, said kind words to the participants and encouraged them to stay interested in current issues.


The goal, that the EYP Austria set before the session, was with no doubt achieved. The EYP Day Tyrol successfully addressed youngsters from the region and, therefore, broaden its horizons. Furthermore, the session will be surely remembered for its great organisations, amazing team of officials, great committees and, last but not least, spectacular Tyrolean cuisine.


by Michal Novotný, Journalist at the EYP Day Tyrol 2015