EYP Austria PunschABend | 15 December

After the planned “Punsch” event in November that sadly had to be cancelled, our Advisory Board with Lisa Fuchsberger, Marvin Huber and Anna Tauber is hosting a new iteration!

Next Wednesday, 15 December, there will be a get-together at Weihnachtsmarkt Schöbrunn in Vienna to have a chat and optional communal punch – or any other (hot) beverage. The meeting point will be at the main entrance at 19:00.

Should there be any new COVID-19 restrictions, there will be an online get-together instead (definitive information will be published in next week’s newsletter).

The Advisory Board is looking forward to seeing you there!

(For further information please contact Lisa Weinberger at lisa.weinberger@eyp.at)