EYP Austria Buddy System

For those who missed the initial deadline, the Call for Senior Buddies is getting an extension!

As some of you may know, EYP Austria has developed a Buddy System over the last few years that connects new members with more experienced ones to create a support system within our organisation. New members (Junior Buddies) can ask questions concerning Sessions, the EYP in general etc., while experienced members (Senior Buddies) can share their knowledge with the “next generation” of the EYP.

We want to gather a pool of potential Senior Buddies, from which we can select Buddy Pairs. When selecting the pairs, we also try to consider the different interests and hobbies of the respective members so that we can manage to give you a perfect match as a buddy!
I hope many of you take part in this project, as we would love to give new members of EYP Austria the support they need and deserve. Make sure to register here until Friday, 17 June! For further information, you can contact Lisa Weinberger (+43 664 918 0717). Looking forward to hearing from you soon!