EYP Austria Anti-Racism Workshops

With the current ongoing protests against police brutality and racism, it is the duty of EYP Austria to take a stance against any act of hate, racism and cruelty. Thus, EYP AT has decided to talk about this pressing issue together with its members and everyone who is interested via video chat. 

EYP AT talking about Racism in Austria by Hanna & Bernadette

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 19:00

This workshop will try to discuss the ongoing issue of racism in Austria. We will be talking about police brutality, everyday racism and much more. There will also be the possibility for discussions and we will introduce you to other organisations that are active in Anti-Racism work in Austria. We are looking forward to your attendance. 

Estimated time: 45 min

‘What can I do?’: How to be Anti-Racist by Eileen de Sousa (EYP IE)

Thursday, 16 July 2020 19:00

This workshop is designed to further your knowledge and awareness of racial discrimination in society. We will go on a journey to explore our own experiences, gain additional awareness about the mechanisms that perpetuate racism, and come up with our own solutions to the problems in our society. This workshop is designed to be reflective and constructive. I hope to see you there!

Estimated time: 40 min

Make sure to sign up for the workshops via Facebook or through our Google Form so that you will be able to get the links to the video chats.