Regional Session Vienna 2017

16 – 18 February 2017 in Vienna

RS Vienna 2017 is a(n) Regional Session. A Regional Session is a two- or three-day session. Selected participants will be invited to participate in the National Selection Conference. To find out more about such events or the European Youth Parliament in general, please visit About us.

General information

"Green Movement" will be the topic of the Regional Session Vienna 2017. Over 70 participants from all over Europe will gather in Austria's capital in February to discuss the most pressing issues in the field of sustainability and find solutions for them.

While the European Youth Parliament Austria is providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, it is also vital for us to host an event that is as sustainable as possible. All participants should be aware of the waste of resources, environmental pollution and a sustainable lifestyle in general. Our goal for the event is to have a carbon footprint that is as small as possible.



LIBE – Protection of minor refugees

Considering that minor refugees are often unaccompanied and at particular risk to become victims of abuse, exploitation or trafficking, what should the EU do to protect young refugees during their journey and upon arrival in their countries of origin?

CULT – Regional Minority Languages

Regional and minority languages: What should the EU do to protect and foster linguistic diversity in Europe’s regions, while promoting mutual understanding in terms of common languages?

ENVI I – Combatting HIV across Europe

The cumulative number of HIV cases in Europe has increased to over 2 million, which included new cases in 2015 demonstrating a 7% increase compared to the previous year. How should the EU reformulate the public health response towards HIV/AIDS, whilst also supporting HIV-positive individuals and the destigmatisation of HIV/AIDS?

ITRE – The “green” economy/eco-innovation

The global market for eco-industries is expected to double over the next 10 years. In efforts to promote a more sustainable way of life, how can the EU guarantee the green development of its SMEs?

TRAN – Sustainable tourism

With pressure mounting on governments worldwide to combat climate change, it is understood that all industries have a part to play in reducing carbon emissions. How can a culture of “sustainable tourism” be fostered in Europe, ensuring the future conservation of the environment whilst exploiting the full potential of tourism?

ENVI II – Foresting sustainably

With a review announced in recent months by the European Commission into sustainable forestry measures, how can the EU ensure the protection and sustainability of European woodland for future generations?

EMPL – “Peer-to-peer economy”

The rise of the sharing economy: with companies such as Uber and Airbnb challenging the traditional employment model, how can the EU apply and further develop the existing legal framework to adequately protect workers?

IMCO – Looking after organic consumers and producers

With a growing demand for organic farming, how can the EU ensure the credibility of organic status of imported products and protect the interests of both consumers and the organic farming industry within Europe?