Regional Session Styria 2015

18 – 20 Dezember 2015 in Graz

RS Styria 2015 ist ein(e) Regionale Sitzung. Eine Regionale Sitzung ist eine zwei- oder dreitägige Sitzung. Ausgewählte TeilnehmerInnen werden zur Nationalen Auswahlsitzung eingeladen. Mehr Informationen über derartige Veranstaltungen oder das Europäische Jungendparlament im Allgemeinen finden sich unter Über uns.

Allgemeine Informationen

The Regional Session Styria 2015 will take place in the beautiful city of Graz during Advent and will stand under the theme “Hand in Hand – from Crisis to Cure”. From 18 December until 20 December, especially Delegates from Styria, but also the rest of Austria and Europe will discuss current political topics in a European frame.

The session will be presided by Kristina Chelmakina (UA), who will be supported by 2 Vice-Presidents, 8 Chairpersons, 7 Members of the Media Team and 4 Jury Members.

The first of this round’s Regional Sessions is head-organised by Nora Schmiedbauer and Christoph Herler. Together with 7 Organisers they are determined to create an unforgettable experience for both Delegates and Officials.

Throughout the Session, the Delegates will participate in three parts; Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly, where they are given room to develop personally and have the chance to acquire various qualities, like social competences, open-mindedness, critical thinking and arguing, as well as improving their language skills.