Regional Session Carinthia 2016

15 – 17 Jänner 2016 in Villach

RS Carinthia 2016 ist ein(e) Regionale Sitzung. Eine Regionale Sitzung ist eine zwei- oder dreitägige Sitzung. Ausgewählte TeilnehmerInnen werden zur Nationalen Auswahlsitzung eingeladen. Mehr Informationen über derartige Veranstaltungen oder das Europäische Jungendparlament im Allgemeinen finden sich unter Über uns.

Allgemeine Informationen

RS Carinthia 2016 is one of three Regional Sessions (RS) organised by EYP Austria this season and will take place in Villach, in the south of Austria. Delegates mainly from Carinthia, but also from the rest of Austria and Europe will gather on the weekend of 15 to 17 January 2015 to discuss recent political issues in a European context. The Topic of the Session is going to be “The European Youth for a sustainable future”.

Led by Oliver Stenbom (SE), a team of 2 Vice-Presidents and 8 Chairpersons will support the Delegates at discussions and guide them on their way to their resolution. The session will be covered by a Media Team consisting of 6 Journalists led by the talented Valentin Solimeo (FR). The backbone of the session consist of the Head-Organisers Finja Strehmann (AT) and Teresa Sihler (AT) and their team of highly-motivated Organisers.