National Youth Summit Salzburg 2016

7 – 11 April 2016 in Salzburg

NYS Salzburg 2016 is a(n) National Selection Conference. A National Selection Conference is a three- or four-day session for young participants from all over Austria. Selected Delegates will be invited to represent Austria at International Sessions and other international EYP events. To find out more about such events or the European Youth Parliament in general, please visit About us.

General information

This year the National Youth Summit of the European Youth Parliament Austria will take place in Salzburg from 7 to 11 April 2016. Salzburg is a city which takes on the challenges of nature-, landscape- and environmental protection. Since these are the problem topics we want to focus on during this session, we chose Salzburg as our venue.

Due to the cooperation with politicians, enterprises and experts, 150 participants have the chance to discuss their questions and concerns during discussion forums directly with guest speakers in order to gain first-hand information.

In addition to the academic programme we want to give our international guest the chance to explore and enjoy the cultural diversity of Austria.


The Session Theme

According to the motto “Building Our Future – Bringing Together Environment and Technology” we would like to point out the human influence on the environmental system, the impacts for our future generations and which consequences the modern society has to face nowadays.

Increasing urbanisation and the resulting challenges to the health care system, just as the important role of food and packaging industries in consideration of waste management and usage of resources are issues we are going to deal with.

Based on already existing engineering milestones we want to give the participants the opportunity to compare advantages and disadvantages of current developments and to debate the possible coexistence between high-advanced technology and environment, in order to ensure a sustainable future for following generations.