EYP Austria participates in 1. Wiener Treeathlon

18 Oktober 2020 in Vienna

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Allgemeine Informationen

This time round, we’re joining the first Viennese "Treeathlon", a sponsored run that collects money for the urban greening of Vienna, on Sunday, 18 October. Since the on-site event is already fully booked due to COVID-19-induced shortage of spots, we’re participating remotely. You can check out the event here: www.treeathlon.at

The meeting point will be Praterstern station in Vienna at 15:00 CEST. Official participation requires registration for the virtual event, with an entry fee of at least € 10 that already functions as a donation for the event and the cause. Registration is possible until Sunday, 18 October, 23:59 CEST.

At the Socialising there will be the opportunity to get some information on EYP Austria and EYP in general for those interested, so if you're still new to EYP or have never participated in one of our events, you're also very welcome to join!

In the interest of the participants’ safety and in an effort to protect public health, we will enforce a one metre social distancing rule for the Socialising - we urge participants to also practice such safety measures on their way to and from the event.

If you intend to come, just indicate so via Facebook or by filling out our Google Form until Saturday, 17 October, 12:00 CEST. For further information, you can contact Fiona Rechberg (fiona.rechberg@eyp.at | +43 680 1333939), who is in charge of the Socialising.