Alumni Weekend 2016

3 – 5 Juni 2016 in Tulln

AW 16 ist ein(e) Training. Trainingsveranstaltungen versammeln TeilnehmerInnen, um Kompetenzen in EYP-relevanten Bereichen zu verbessern. Trainingsveranstaltungen werden von erfahrenen EYPern oder externen Experten geleitet. Mehr Informationen über derartige Veranstaltungen oder das Europäische Jungendparlament im Allgemeinen finden sich unter Über uns.

Allgemeine Informationen

The EYP Austria Alumni Weekend 2016 will be held in Tulln an der Donau from 3 to 5 June 2016 (Friday to Sunday). The event will give Austrian EYPers the chance to develop their skills in high-quality training modules. Furthermore, the programme integrates EYP Austria’s annual General Assembly where the EYP Austria Board for the academic year 2016/17 will be elected, and other important matters will be discussed. The Alumni Weekend will also be an outstanding opportunity to meet and socialise with other EYPers.

We warmly invite you to be part of this great event, and hope to see you in Tulln/Donau in June. Tulln is half an hour away from Vienna by train. Participants will be asked to arrive in Tulln/Donau on Friday, 3 June 2016 after lunch. There will be a participation fee of EUR 50.—. The Alumni Weekend will only happen once this year, so it is advisable to do everything you can to attend. The workshops will be interesting.

Toni and Raphael are happy to answer all your questions that you may have about the event or the application process at