European Youth on Immigration and Asylum

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While the Euro absorbs much attention, immigration and asylum policy are still unanswered problems in Europe: Italy, Greece and Malta want other countries to share the burden of refugees arriving across the Mediterranean, politicians from France and Germany rigorously reject this. The German minister of the interior categorically denied any common European effort.

Young people in Europe now speak out against this: 78% of young Europeans call out online for all countries to take their share of asylum seekers. Moreover, the latest European Youth Poll also revealed a demand for a general European immigration policy: 71% want common rules – and not a lottery of different rules from country to country.

Even in times of high youth unemployment, the respondents also spoke out in clear majorities for general openness towards foreign workers (76%). Opinions were split, however, on who should come: Asked whether it should be Europe’s economic interests to determine who could come to work in Europe, almost 50% said yes, while 46% disagreed.

2352 young people from 43 European countries between 16 and 27 had their say in the survey conducted via Facebook by the European Youth Parliament from 13 – 26 September 2011, in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator.

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Interesting side fact: Despite conflicts running high in their country about European interference 71% of young participants from Greece call generally for more European integration, more than the European average.

Young Europeans want Europe to work together on Immigration and Asylum policy.