Europa Club Live: “Frankreich wählt – Welche Folgen hat die Präsidentschaftswahl für Europa?” | 11 April

France is about to hold its next presidential election, which will have a major impact on Europe beyond its borders. Overshadowed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, after the first round of voting on 10 April, it will be decided which two candidates will make it into the runoff.

Will Emmanuel Macron succeed in using the current EU Council Presidency and his role as mediator in the Russia-Ukraine war to his advantage, and can he convince with the demand for more independence for France in a stronger Europe? What is the importance of Europe in this election, and what effects could this election have on a crisis-ridden EU?

These and other questions will be discussed in the Europa Club Live on Monday, 11 April, at 11:00–12:00. The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook.