Elections in Upper Austria and Graz | 26 September

With local elections coming up in Austria, we want to encourage our members to exercise their democratic rights by voting in state and regional elections on 26 September in Upper Austria and Graz! 

Due to the federal system of Austria, some competences, such as conservation of nature, spatial planning, building regulations and youth protection, are delegated to the states, whilst municipalities are in charge of zoning plans, emergency services and compulsory schools, among other things. This means that a lot of important decisions are made at this level of government and that you can make a significant impact by voting in these elections!

In Upper Austria, state, municipal, and mayoral elections are taking place. Eligibility is different for state and local levels, so make sure to find out if and how you can vote here.

EU citizens 16 and over with their main residence in Graz (reference date 16 July 2021) can vote in the municipal and district elections in Graz. All details can be found here.

For both elections, you can request postal voting or a voting card, with which you can vote at any polling site. In Graz, there is even early in-person voting on 17 September. So make sure to make your voice heard by voting!