Danube Youth Council Call

The Danube Youth Council will be an advisory body for representatives of the EU Strategy of the Danube region and will be responsible for making sure that the perspective of students and young adults is taken into account by the cooperation of the 14 Danube region countries. 

Within the frame of a pilot project the Travel and Accommodation costs between September 2021 and October 2022 will be financed by the European Commission and the City of Vienna. 

Thematically the EU Danube Region Strategy is working towards a better cooperation between Danube region countries in the areas of mobility, sustainable energy generation, tourism, environmental protection, education, competitiveness of companies and more. 

The Call is open from 9 May to 15 August 2022 and is aimed at politically interested students and young adults between 18 and 28 years of age from all 14 Danube region countries, which include Austria.  

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You can apply via this link: https://danube-region.eu/danube-youth-council-call-for-applications-open-now/