Chairs Training, October 2011

Furniture? ‘Chair’ is short for chairperson, and in EYP these people play a crucial role. They are responsblible for a committee at sessions and their position implies leading the committee through the various parts of an EYP session, moderate the discussions and help bringing out the best of every individual delegate.

While many chairs take on this task after having been to several sessions, EYP Austria is especially proud to provide the opportunity of a formal training for EYP-ers with no prior chairing experience.

The training will take place in Vienna on the 22. of October, before the Jour Fixe. The seven-hour training is lead by Masoumeh Moridian (member of the advisory board), who is not only very a experienced chair, but also a certified trainer of the EYP Academy.

Trainings are a great chance to increase the value of human resources in EYP, as well as to raise the level of potential (academic) quality of the results produced in EYP. Hence, we are happy to welcome all trainees to the training event next saturday.