EYP Mini Session Vienna

On the 7th of March another of EYP Austria’s Mini Sessions took place in the beautiful city of Vienna at the BORG Lessinggasse, gathering students from 4 different schools.

The aim was to give young people an insight in the work of the EYP and an opportunity to discuss their opinions and views.

After a short opening held by the president of the session, Ricarda Pfingstl, the delegates were split into their respective committees to continue with Teambuilding. The day proceeded with Committee Work, in which the students discussed current topics, such as same-sex marriage or voting ages in Europe.

The results of the discussions were later on presented during the General Assembly, where all the committees gathered. In the following debates the delegates were able to ask questions about the solutions presented.

After a round of lively discussions the session was concluded with a short introduction of the work of the European Youth Parliament. We hope to see many of the delegates at our upcoming National Selection Conference, taking place in Salzburg.

The Mini Session Vienna was head-organised by Fiona Rechberg with the support of Theodora Steiner.

You are also interested in participating at one of our Mini Sessions or want to host one at your school? Contact the responsible board member Robin Hietz under robin.hietz@eyp.at!


EYP Mini Session Kufstein


The second Mini Session of this year took place at the HLW Kufstein in Kufstein.

Once again it was the goal to give students a first impression of the work which takes place in the European Youth Parliament by putting on the main parts of an EYP session, namely Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly.

The day started of with a short general Team Building in which the 9 Officials introduced themselves to the 30 delegates. The Delegates were separated into smaller groups which discussed interesting topics like for example quotas of women in leading positions.

Afterwards the outcomes of these discussions were presented in the General Assembly, which was moderated by the president of the Session Sophia Simmill. The presentations were followed by rounds of Questions and Answers after which Mrs Simmill closed the Session with the European Anthem and a talk including further information about EYP.

This successful Session was made possible by the efforts of the Head Organiser Ali Nourouzi and his team. We hope to see many of the Delegates return to EYP at one of the upcoming Regional Sessions.

Do you also want to participate at one of our Mini Sessions? Contact the responsible Board Member Robin Hietz under robin.hietz@eyp.at!

EYP Mini Session Wiener Neustadt

On 22nd November members of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) from all over Austria met in the Babenbergerring Gymnasium to give students of the town of Wiener Neustadt an understanding of EYP.

The day started at seven o’clock with the General Teambuilding in the school’s gymnasium, where the president of the session, Michael Ernst, welcomed all the delegates.

After a quick division into committees, the teambuilding continued in those smaller groups. Shortly after, the chairpersons had to proceed with committee work in order to discuss, understand and solve current problems of the EU with their delegates.

In a relaxing lunch break, which was sweetened by Weltladen, the students had time to prepare for the last major agenda of the day: the General Assembly.

The four committees were now given the opportunity to present their topics with its problems and possible solutions, which they had discussed in the last hours. In the subsequent Q&A rounds, delegates from other committees were able to follow up and question the solutions. After two hours of lively discussions, the session was closed with the European Anthem.

Minutes of the Annual General Assembly are available

The minutes of our Annual General Assembly 2016, which was held in Tull an der Donau on 4 June 2016, are now available.

The minutes include everything we discussed and decided on during the General Assembly, so that members of our organisation, who have not attended, can also see what was going on there.

The Board wants to thank Matthias Schwertner and David Rauch, who wrote the minutes.


Minutes Download (German)

New Board elected

Our annual General Assembly was held in Tulln last weekend during the Alumni Weekend 2016. After interesting debates regarding our organisation the Members also elected a new Board for the next year. We want to thank all of our Members for the discussions and the trust they put in us.



  • President: Patrick Deutschmann
  • Vice-President/International Relations: Samuel Hönle
  • Vice-President/Human Resources: Maria Köpping
  • Public Relations: Jannis Betschki
  • Fundraising: Markus Kirchschlager
  • Treasurer: Matthias Klonner
  • National Coordination: Eva Reitbauer

Advisory Board

  • Georg Krenn
  • Lia Pachler
  • Lena Strehmann


  • Tobias Satlow
  • Nina Thomic

KandidatInnen für den Vorstand, Aufsichtsrat und die Rechnungsprüfung 2016/17

Die diesjährigen Kandidaten, die bei der Generalversammlung in den Vorstand, Aufsichtsrat oder zur Rechnungsprüfung bestellt werden können, stehen fest:

Da derzeit noch eine(r) der beiden RechnungsprüferInnen-KandidatInnen fehlen, können Manifeste zur Kandidatur der Rechnungsprüfung weiterhin bis zum Freitag, 3. Juni 2016 (12:00 Mittags CEST), unter vorstandswahl2016.eypaustria@gmail.com eingereicht werden. Weitere Informationen zum Aufgaben-Portfolio der Rechnungsprüferin oder des Rechnungsprüfers sind in den Ausschreibungsunterlagen zu finden. Das Template zur Bewerbung ist hier verlinkt.

Generalversammlung 2016

Unsere letzte Generalversammlung 2015 ist nun fast ein Jahr her und wir sind schon fleißig dabei, die diesjährige Generalversammlung vorzubereiten. Diese wird am 4. Juni 2016 in Tulln an der Donau im Rahmen unseres Alumni Weekends stattfinden.

Dem beigefügten Terminaviso könnt ihr nähere Informationen zur Generalversammlung, zum Stimmrecht, sowie zu den Möglichkeiten, an der Wahl teilzunehmen, entnehmen. Es wird dieses Jahr zusätzlich zum Einschicken der Bevollmächtigung per Post sowie dem Mitbringen einer ausgefüllten Bevollmächtigung durch ein anderes Mitglied auch die Möglichkeit geben, eine digital signierte Bevollmächtigungserklärung per E-Mail einzureichen und so vom Stimmrecht Gebrauch zu machen. Dazu schicken wir euch auch gleich die Bevollmächtigungserklärung mit aus, damit ihr alle Maßnahmen, die für die Teilnahme an der Wahl notwendig sind, auch früh genug treffen könnt. Eine genaue Beschreibung wie digitale Signaturen funktionieren, findet ihr im Terminaviso.

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