Members Weekend 2022 Head-Organisers

We are very excited to announce that this year’s Members Weekend, currently planned for the second week of August, will be head-organised by Jakob Hernler and Todor Lankov!
EYP Austria’s Members Weekend 2022 will be our most important training event of the academic year, bringing together members from all generations for a weekend of training and socialising. Further details and calls will follow shortly!

Physical Board Meeting #1 2022/23

Based on insights of PBM#5, the current Board has decided to propose a nonbinding recommendation for the dates of the first Physical Board Meeting of the new Board that will be elected at the upcoming General Assembly.

Taking the availabilities of the current Board Members for transition modules into consideration, and in an attempt to promote a quick take-over and kick-off of the new Board period, the current Board is suggesting the weekend of 24–26 June. We encourage Board Member candidates to make time for a Physical Board Meeting on these dates whilst again stressing that this is a nonbinding recommendation and not a requirement for running for the Board.

EYP Austria goes Pride

EYP Austria encourages its members to join the upcoming celebrations and demonstrations supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. Therefore we are very happy to have L Zöhrer as the EYP Austria contact person for the Christopher Street Day in Graz on 2 July! If you want to come but don’t know with whom to go or where to be, you can reach out to L.

We are also still looking for (a) contact person(s) for the Vienna Pride Parade on 11 June. If you’re interested, please reach out to Philipp Leindl (+43 6645229286), who is responsible for Active Citizenship in EYP Austria.

Stay loud and proud!

EYP Austria General Assembly 2022 | 12 June

Please be reminded that our General Assembly 2022 is taking place in Vienna (exact location TBA) on Sunday, 12 June, from 13:00 CEST onwards (admission starts at 12:30). We are hereby publishing the following relevant documents:

  • Notice of Date, including information on how to transfer your vote if you can’t come
  • Election Information, outlining the positions that will be elected and the process leading up to the elections (this year we are calling for 8 Board Members, introducing a new Board position for IT & Data)
  • Manifesto Template for those interested in running for a position

Since the General Assembly will include the elections for Board Members, Advisory Board Members and Auditors for the 2022/23 term and thereby have a significant impact on the organisation for the upcoming year, we encourage all members to check that they are still extraordinary members with voting rights (i.e. paying the annual membership fee) and participate in our organisational democracy! If you aren’t an extraordinary member yet, you can easily become one by following the steps on our website.

If you can’t make it to the event, you have the opportunity to transfer your vote until Saturday, 11 June, to someone who can come. For this, see further information in the Notice of Date and the Proxy Statement document. All documents relevant to the General Assembly will be compiled in this folder, including the documents that will be at hand during the General Assembly (e.g., including EYP Austria’s Articles of Association).

Those interested in running for elections can send their manifestos to the Electoral Commission at until Friday, 3 June, 23:59 CEST. Thanks to Maria Köpping, Patrick Deutschmann and Matthias Klonner for taking up the role of the Electoral Commission!
If you intend to come to the General Assembly, please indicate so using our Google Form! Additionally, you can add the event on Facebook.

EYP Impact Assessment Survey

As part of the impact framework process, the International Office of the EYP (IO) is launching a survey to gather impressions from participants at EYP events, whether they are still active in the network or are an alumnus/a. They aim to collect valuable data about the societal impact of EYP, as well as its accessibility, reach and value to everyone who has participated.

The survey is anonymous, and responses will not be traced to individuals. All questions are optional.

By filling out the survey or asking others to do so, participants can win EYP merch. An anonymous winner will be picked among everyone who filled in the survey, and another price will go to the person who shared the survey with the most other people.
You can access the survey via this link.

Opportunity to organise Socialisings

Miss getting together with people from EYP Austria? This is your chance to organise a socialising!

Socialisings are a vital part of the EYP Austria community. From physical events such as visiting museums, drinking (hot) beverages together and playing sports in the park, over to digital hang-outs with online games and more, the possibilities are endless. 

Do you have an idea for an educational or fun activity that you would like to carry out within EYP Austria? Reach out to us via this form and organise a socialising of your choice!If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the Board Member for National Coordination, Lisa Weinberger, at

National Session Vienna 2022 took place

Last weekend, over 120 participants (roughly 80 Delegates) gathered for the National Session Vienna 2022, which was an official event of the ongoing European Year of Youth.

We want to thank the Head-Organisers Phil and Emily for their dedication to organising this outstanding event besides their duties as Board Members of EYP Austria. With the support of their incredible Organising Team consisting of Anna, Harun, Jakob, Lea, Leonardo, Maike, Philipp and Selina, they made it possible that more than 80 delegates could debate pressing issues of our times under the theme of “Overcoming Challenges – Designing Tomorrow.”

The resolution booklet is available here and also published on the session website. You can also have a look at the amazing output of the Media Team on Facebook and Instagram.
We are also thankful for the support of the Wiener Jugendzentren, the Central European University in Vienna, as well as the Pädagogische Hochschule Wien for hosting us during these days. Moreover, BackWerk provided us with delicious snacks for Coffee Breaks, while l’Osteria served us delicious pizza. Many thanks also to our financial partners Arbeiterkammer Wien, Industriellenvereinigung Wien, Infineon and Verbund, as well as to our long-term partner Zurich Insurance