Active Citizenship in EYP Austria

With our call to take part in the global climate strike, we would also like to draw your attention to our active citizenship efforts in general. Whilst active citizenship was one of three guiding values of the previous Board, it has in the meantime been formalised as a floating portfolio (i.e. one of the portfolios that the Board Members allocate among themselves after their election). Additionally, it is represented in the new National Strategy 2021-25 of EYP Austria (1.1 Societal Impact, 1.4 Educational Value, 3.3 Pluralism), as well as the international EYP Strategy 2021-25 (first pillar, “A network that works as a catalyst for Active Citizenship”).

This year it is my pleasure to be in charge of this new portfolio, and I hope to realise projects that will inform our members on issues of our time and encourage them to actively shape their future and exchange their views among each other. To achieve this, I hope to have you on my side. If you are part of any interesting initiative that you would like to publicise or discuss, please reach out to me (Philipp Leindl | | +43 6645229286 | Social Media | EYP AT Discord) so that we can find an adequate outlet! As the Board, we are happy to support constructive causes that are compatible with our articles of association.

Members Weekend | 15 – 17 October

We are very excited to announce the dates for this year’s Members Weekend, which will take place from 15 to 17 October in Vienna and is being head-organised by Anna Windisch!

EYP Austria’s Members Weekend 2021 will be our most important training event of the academic year, bringing together members from all generations for a weekend of training and socialising. Further details and calls will follow shortly!

EYP Austria Contact Form

Considering the announcement of its guiding value, the Board of EYP Austria would like to remind you of the chance to send anonymous messages to the Board, which can be about feedback, new ideas, or anything you want to communicate to us. Whether you don’t know which Board Member would be best to approach for a situation, you don’t know any of the Board Members, or you’re uncomfortable with reaching out to us personally, the EYP Austria Contact Form can serve as a way to get your message out to us.

New submissions to the form will immediately get forwarded to the Board, which will treat them seriously and with care. Please note that if you don’t leave any contact information behind, we will not be able to get back to you personally, though we will still publicly react to relevant messages.

Of course, you can still also just approach the Board Members directly or through (President) and (all Board Members) about any of your concerns. We’re always glad to interact with our members! You can find our individual contact information on our website.

EYP Summer Talks by the International Office

The International Office is holding EYP Summer Talks over the months of June, July, August and September to gather opinions on some of the most relevant topics of the EYP network, with the following talks still lying ahead:

  • Role of the International Office in the EYP structure – postponed due to calendar issues, a new date will be communicated shortly
  • Alumni Work – 2 September, 18:00 CEST

The next one with a fixed date is happening on Thursday, 2 September, at 18:00 CEST, and will centre around Alumni Work in EYP. We encourage our members to use this opportunity to get informed and discuss their opinions on the topic! You can register for this and all upcoming talks here.

Guiding Value of the Board 2021/22

In the tradition of the previous Boards, the current one has also determined a guiding value for its term under the supervision of the Advisory Board.

This year, the Board will focus on “Mehrwert”, the benefits and perks that members of EYP Austria, session participants, team leaders and members, and even Board Members themselves can get through EYP activities and in their positions. Specifically, this means all types of learning experiences and educational opportunities that can come with different tasks in the organisation. Furthermore, it also includes the friendships that are made through EYP, and even the simple joy of partaking in EYP activities itself.

Through the format of the guiding value and with the help of the Advisory Board, we want to put these aspects of EYP Austria at the top of the agenda – without sidelining the other important parts of our work. Concretely, this will happen through personal goals of Board Members, but the guiding value will also be something that the Board will refer to in light of decisions for the organisation, and will become a part of how the Board approaches its day-to-day business as well.

We hope that we can get you on board with our guiding value and that it will have a positive impact on EYP Austria!

Stand for Something Campaign & Giveaway

Our friends from the Stand for Something campaign, who are bringing the Conference on the Future of Europe to young people, have an exciting message for you:

So what do your summer plans look like? How about a trip across Europe?! With unforgettable encounters, new friends and amazing discoveries and adventures!

Tell us how you want the #FutureofEurope to look like by filling out our survey and have the chance to win Interrail passes or free stays in Bulgaria or Montenegro.

The #StandForSomething project has launched a Social Media Competition, active from 17 to 31 August, 2021. There will be 10 different winners in this competition:

  • One prize consists of two nights accommodation in a double room in Podgorica (Montenegro). During this stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner and tickets for cultural events/museums will be provided.
  • Four prizes consist of two nights accommodation in a single room in Sofia (Bulgaria) and four festival passes to Sofia Summer Fest 2021 (running until 25, September 2021).
  • Five prizes consist of five Interrail/Eurail Global Passes with validity five days in one month – 2nd class.

If you are under 31 years old and would like to have a say on important stuff that may change the future of Europe, here’s how you can participate:

  1. Fill out the #StandForSomething survey here
  2. Follow on Facebook or Instagram
  3. Include the following sentence as a comment on the Stand For Something post/s of the competition and challenge 3 friends by mentioning/tagging them: I stand for ___________ (participant’s main concern about the future of Europe) How about you? What do you want the future to look like? Fill out the #STANDFORSOMETHING survey. #TheFutureIsYours @friend1 @friend2 @friend3

PBM#1 Report

During each board term, the Board of EYP Austria meets several times to discuss important matters in person, with the Advisory Board also typically attending to some degree for guidance. Now the new Board has had its first Physical Board Meeting (PBM) on the weekend of the transition from July to August.

As with all PBMs, a report has been compiled to inform our Members of the subjects talked about there, as well as the results of modules that will have a concrete impact on the organisation. So make sure to check out the report of PBM#1 to get an insight into the happenings of the Board and EYP Austria at large! Most notably, the Board analysed the National Strategy, determined a guiding value for its board term, made general plans for the upcoming year, discussed COVID-19 contingency plans, and deliberated on team leading in EYP Austria.