IT & Data Coordinator Call

We are happy to announce the call for (an) IT & Data Coordinator(s) who will assist the new Board in matters such as data and knowledge management, surveys and reports, data collection and analysis, the EYP Austria website, Google Workspace, and general technical support.

With a lot of potential for new projects and further streamlining of processes within the portfolio, EYP Austria is looking for (a) motivated and determined individual(s) to take on the position. If you are interested, you can find out more on our website. Applications are possible until Sunday, 26 June, 23:59 CEST.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape and support our organisation!

Members Weekend Update & Calls

We are excited to hereby open the call for Organisers and a Head-Trainer for this year’s Members Weekend with the preliminary dates of 12 to 14 August!

EYP Austria’s Members Weekend 2022 will be our most important training event of the academic year, bringing together members from all generations for a weekend of training and socialising. Now we are looking for motivated individuals to take charge of putting together an unforgettable weekend for our members.

Find the official call and application documents here. You can apply for both positions until Sunday, 26 June, 23:59 CEST.

The new Board is looking forward to your applications!

EYP Austria goes Pride

EYP Austria encourages its members to join the upcoming celebrations and demonstrations supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. 

In this spirit, L Zöhrer will be the EYP Austria contact person for the Christopher Street Day in Graz on 2 July. If you want to come but don’t know with whom to go or where to be, you can reach out to L

Stay loud and proud!

Europa-Forum Neumarkt 2022 | 15 to 17 July

The Europa-Forum of the European Federalist Movement (EFB) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) will take place in Neumarkt in Styria from 15 to 17 July (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). Politics, society, economy and, above all, Europe are at the centre of the event, which this year is marked by major crises under the motto: Europe, where are you? Courage to act! (Europa, wo bist du? Mut zum Handeln!). 

The unique venue – Europaburg Forchtenstein – enchants with its flair and guarantees a warm atmosphere, which stimulates open conversations and discussions. The programme is divided into several sub-areas, in which different aspects of the main topic will be examined. Breaks between the items on the agenda, shared meals, and the evening programme will encourage an informal exchange of views. For young people, the Europe Forum offers the chance to learn more about the European political system, to exchange ideas with decision-makers and experts, and to experience an instructive and entertaining weekend together.The EFB and JEF cover all costs for meals and accommodation. If you are interested in participating, you can find out more and register through this formby 3 July. In case of any questions, please contact Markus Seunig (

Resignation of Tom Cobbenhagen as GB Member and extraordinary GB Election

Tom Cobbenhagen, a member of the Governing Body, resigned recently. Therefore, an extraordinary GB Election will take place to fill this spot again.

A quick overview of the timeline for the Extraordinary Elections: 

  • Deadline for candidates to submit manifestos and videos: Monday, 27 June 2022, 23:59 CEST
  • Publication of manifestos: Tuesday, 28 June 2022
  • Campaigning period: Tuesday, 28 June – Monday, 4 July 2022
  • Meet the Candidates Townhall: Monday, 4 July 2022
  • Voting period: Tuesday, 5 July – Monday, 11 July 2022
  • Results announced: Tuesday, 12 July 2022

All delegates having attended an international Session in the past four years, as well as all officials having attended at least one session lasting for 3 days in the past four years, are eligible to vote. Thus, please check your mailbox during the voting period – and contact us via if anything is unclear/not working out as expected.

General Assembly election results

After the General Assembly on Sunday, we would like to announce the results of the elections for 2022/23 term:


  • President: Emily Usner
  • National Coordination & Vice-President: Lisa Weinberger
  • International Coordination & Vice-President: Elena Szegedi
  • Human Resources: Marcel Kranixfeld
  • Fundraising: Paula Kampits
  • Public Relations: Anna Windisch
  • Finances: Natalie Mullaeva
  • (no Board Member for IT & Data was elected)

Advisory Board

  • Philipp Leindl
  • Marvin Huber
  • Anna Tauber


  • Ferdinand Mayrhofer
  • Matthias Schwertner

We congratulate everyone on their positions and want to extend big thanks to our fellow exiting Board Members Hannah Aichhorn, Sophia Yazdani Biuki and Luca Peinsold, the exiting Advisory Board Member Lisa Fuchsberger, and the exiting Auditors Fiona Rechberg and Robin Hietz!
Additionally, we’re very grateful to the Electoral Commission made up of Patrick Deutschmann, Matthias Klonner and Maria Köpping, as well as the GA Secretaries Lea Speringer and Selina Schweng!

EYP Austria Buddy System

For those who missed the initial deadline, the Call for Senior Buddies is getting an extension!

As some of you may know, EYP Austria has developed a Buddy System over the last few years that connects new members with more experienced ones to create a support system within our organisation. New members (Junior Buddies) can ask questions concerning Sessions, the EYP in general etc., while experienced members (Senior Buddies) can share their knowledge with the “next generation” of the EYP.

We want to gather a pool of potential Senior Buddies, from which we can select Buddy Pairs. When selecting the pairs, we also try to consider the different interests and hobbies of the respective members so that we can manage to give you a perfect match as a buddy!
I hope many of you take part in this project, as we would love to give new members of EYP Austria the support they need and deserve. Make sure to register here until Friday, 17 June! For further information, you can contact Lisa Weinberger (+43 664 918 0717). Looking forward to hearing from you soon!