Call for BNC Assistant Spring 2023

We are happy to announce that the call for the position of BNC Assistant for Spring 2023 is now open to all members! 

The European Youth Parliament is currently represented in 40 European countries, creating a large,

interconnected, international community that offers opportunities for interaction and development to National Committees (NCs) such as EYP Austria. Twice a year, representatives from all NCs meet for the BNC meeting.

The role of the BNC Assistant is to support the Board Member for International Coordination (Elena Szegedi) in the preparation and postprocessing of the Spring BNC Meeting 2023, taking place from 31 March – 2 April 2023 (physically in Berlin). The main aim is to provide the members and the Board of EYP Austria insights into the BNC discussions, gather feedback from the members, prepare a decision base for the board of EYP Austria, and work on our proposals.

The responsibilities of the BNC Assistant Spring 2023 will start by mid-February as then the first BNC Infos are published. Overall, the position will last until the end of April, when all post-BNC meeting work is done. Thus, this position only lasts for about 3 months.

As BNC Assistant, you will gain valuable insights into an integral part of the Board portfolio for International Coordination, knowledge about the international governance of the EYP, expand your personal network, and find out if International Coordination is the “perfect fit” for you. 

This call is open until Saturday, 11 February 2023 at 23:59 CEST! You can read more about it and apply using this link:

EYP Austria Contact Form

We would like to remind you of the chance to send anonymous messages to the Board of EYP Austria, which can be about feedback, new ideas, or anything you want to communicate to us. Whether you don’t know which Board Member would be best to approach for a situation, you don’t know any of the Board Members, or you’re uncomfortable with reaching out to us personally, the EYP Austria Contact Form can serve as a way to get your message out to us.

New submissions to the form will immediately get forwarded to the Board, which will treat them seriously and with care. Please note that if you don’t leave any contact information behind, we will not be able to get back to you personally, though we will still publicly react to relevant messages.Of course, you can still also just approach the Board Members directly or through (President) and (all Board Members) about any of your concerns. We’re always glad to interact with our members! You can find our individual contact information on our website.

Members Abroad – January 21, 2023

Officials  Abroad

Florian Huber will be representing EYP Austria as a Chairperson at Ski 2023 – Regional Session of EYP Norway next week. We are happy to see him so active in our network and hope that he will enjoy his time in northern Europe.

Team Introductions – Part III

Today we are continuing our “Introduction to EYP Austria” series to showcase the third part of another big group of active members – the teams and assistants! Like every year some of our Board members are being supported by dedicated and hard-working volunteers who take on a variety of tasks within the portfolio. 

This time around we are happy to introduce our Cooperation Coordinator Jonas! This lovely individual is supporting Paula, our Board Member for Fundraising this year and we are so happy and thankful for the amazing work that he does! You can read his introduction below or very soon on our Instagram page: 


Hi! My name is Jonas and I am 22 years old. Originally I am from Lower Austria but now living in Vienna, where I am studying law at the University of Vienna. In this year’s board term, I am serving as Cooperation Coordinator for the board member for Fundraising, Paula.

Having been a member of EYP since I was a student in school, I have experienced first-hand the lively and truly transnational exchanges this unique organisation provides. Therefore, I am thrilled to work alongside the whole board and do my part to secure as well as strengthen the partnerships necessary to continue EYP Austria’s endeavours.

Members Abroad – January 11, 2023

Delegate  Abroad

Marie Mitterndorf will be at the Leinster Regional Session 2023 in Ireland this weekend. We are more than happy that she decided to  represent EYP Austria abroad again and only wish her the best for the Session and insightful experiences.

Call for Officials – Sessions 2023

Join our sessions as Delegates or work behind the scenes as part of the Officials Team.  

Regional Session Vienna 2023 

Dates: 17 – 19 February 2023 (Officials are expected to arrive a day early) 

Head-Organiser: Todor Lankov 

NC Board Representatives: Lisa Weinberger & Elena Szegedi 

President:  Polyna Antoniou

Editor: Anders Jakobsen

Open Calls: 

Regional Session Salzburg 2023 

Dates: 17 – 19 March 2023 (Officials are expected to arrive a day early) 

Head-Organiser: Oliver Beckett 

NC Board Representatives: Anna Windisch & Marcel Kranixfeld

Open Calls: 

National Selection Conference Graz 2023 

Dates: 21 – 24 April 2023 (Officials are expected to arrive a day early) 

Head-Organisers: Hanna Mayr & Luca Peinsold 

NC Board Representative: Emily Usner 

President: Vedad Misirlić

Editors: Anka Siteberová & Thomas “Foxie” Micheler

Open Calls: 

For more information about all calls visit the Calls Page of our Website!

PBM #4 Report

During each board term, the Board of EYP Austria meets several times to discuss important matters in person, with the Advisory Board also typically attending to some degree for guidance. Last week the Board held its fourth Physical Board Meeting (PBM) online.

As with all PBMs, a report has been compiled to inform our Members of the subjects talked about there, as well as the results of modules that will have a concrete impact on the organisation. Most notably, the Board members talked about Greenlight Requirements for this year’s sessions, reviewed the Annual Plan, updated the HR Register and analysed the outcome of the Delegates Abroad Feedback Form.
So make sure to check out the PBM #4 Report to get an insight into the happenings of the Board and EYP Austria at large!