EYPers of the Month: May

In May EYP Austria would like to honour 2 exceptional members who stepped outside their comfort zones and step by step – or more precisely “bit by byte” – formed this season’s grand event: the European Youth Summit in Graz which was EYP Austria’s 15th National Session and took place from the 24th to 28th of April in the Mediterranean city of Graz.

The before mentioned are Eva Reitbauer and Sebastian Hojas, aka HO Mummy and HO Daddy, who committed themselves to (head-)organising a session themed around the modern technologies that surround us and their impacts on everybody’s lives more than 10 months ago.

Eva, a student of Geomatics Engineering and Sebastian, a Software Development and Business student at Graz University of Technology, were ideally suited to prepare a joyful yet academically ambitious setting in which Officials and Delegates could show their best. With dedication, determination and thorough preparation Eva and Sebastian successfully contributed their own ideas concerning this special Anniversary Session and proved their outstanding organisational skills various times.

Eva and Sebastian, who led their passionate team of organisers with trust and calm, guided 150 participants smoothly through one of their first contacts with the European Youth Parliament. It was also their personal, unconventional paths within our organisation that impressed and amazed many.

Sebastian started his impressive EYP career at 2010’s National Session in Vienna and has ever since gained lots of international experience in nearly every function possible but especially in the field of media and EYP journalism. Eva joined the EYP at the 1st International Youth Forum Leipzig in 2011, participated in various sessions nationally and internationally and was the first head-organiser of a National Session to have head-organised before: last summer she was part of the European Youth Forum Graz’ head-organiser-team.

Dear Eva and Sebastian, EYP Austria is proud to call you its members and wants to thank for your fantastic work! We are looking forward to what’s coming next for you and wish you all the best!

EYPers of the Month: March

This February, a school that has brought us many motivated individuals was the venue for yet another one-day session – the EYP Day Styria in Kaindorf. Two fine young men, Florian Rogner and Markus Kirchschlager had taken it upon them to make this an exceptional event for all participants. By including a session editor and journalists as well as providing the true Styrian culinary experience they created a memorable day for everyone involved.

Both Florian and Markus have been at several of EYP Austria’s events and have recently attended the International Session in Riga after successfully making it through the National Conference in Linz. We have seen them at many events in the meantime in several different positions and rumor has it they will be at more of our upcoming events and get-togethers. The National Committee is proud to call these two spirited and eager individuals its members. We are looking forward to future cooperation and are excited to see where EYP will take them. One thing is for sure – it will definitely include “Kernöl”.

EYP-er of the Month: December


Our EYP-er of the Month December is Kathi Radler.

Kathi is Regional Coordinator of EYP Salzburg and the Head Organiser of the second EYP Day in Salzburg.
She started EYP in 2011 at the NSC in Vienna and was selected to represent EYP Austria at the IS in Istanbul in 2012. Caught by her passion for EYP she head-organized together with Johanna Egger the first EYP Day in Salzburg last year, which was a big success.

In April this year Kathi started her Chair’s career at the NSC in Linz.

In August Kathi moved to India for 3 months, but this was no reason for her not to Head-Organise an event for EYP Austria again. 6,500 kilometers away from Salzburg she handled a team of 6 organizers and supported them whenever she could. In October she came back to Austria and arranged everything locally. In the last months she not only proved her experience, motivation and passion for EYP Austria, but also her skills of leading a team and head-organising an amazing event.

Kathi currently studies at the University of Passau in Germany and she loves riding horses.

We are very happy to have such a dedicated and motivated member in our organization and wish her all the best for her future.

EYP-er of the Month: November

Peter Goldsborough is the Regional Coordinator of EYP Carinthia and Head-Organiser of the EYP Day Villach.

He started his EYP carreer less than a year ago, when he was a delegate at the last EYP Day in Villach. Immediately hooked, Peter became the Regional Coordinator for Carinthia, taking over from Lena Strehman in July, only a couple of months after his first EYP event.

Following his appointment as Regional Coordinator, Peter also applied to become the Head Organiser of the next EYP Day in Villach. During the still ongoing preparations, Peter has not only shown his motivation, but also exraordinary talent and confidence in organising. Be it fundraising or managing his organising team, Peter has shown multiple times that he is about to make the EYP Day Villach an unforgettable event.

In October, Peter also attented the 29th National Conference of EYP Portugal as a delegate and wrote a report on his experiences, showing once more his dedication and commitment to EYP.

When he is not coordinating EYP Carinthia or organising an EYP Day, Peter attends the BG/BRG St. Martin in his hometown Villach.

We are happy to have such a motivated and talented member and hope to see Peter involved in even more events in the future.

EYP-er of the Month: September


Raphael Bek was the main brain behind this year’s Alumni Weekend of EYP Austria. He took it upon himself to head-organise a 3-day training and socialising event for our keenest members. After spending a month creating a programme full of knowledge sharing and fun, he seemed exhausted but content. With Raphael’s dedication EYP Austria was able to attract some of the best national and international trainers and alumni, who impressed with high quality input.

By choosing Krems as the location for his event, Raphael went back to the place where his very own stunning EYP career, and that of many other participants of the Alumni Weekend 2013, began. This little detail certainly added extra spice to the already great atmosphere of the weekend.

While Raphael’s first EYP session, as all of you who have joined us in Krems might guess, was rather relaxed, he soon felt the urge to test his stress resistance and head organised his first session in 2010 in his hometown Graz. Although still disputed about, we believe that this was also when he came to realise his strong belief in academic quality and developed a sense of responsibility for the National Committee, which he first joined as Web Officer and has been elected to vice-preside, for the second year in a row, last June.

Most of you probably have met this exquisite man and those who have the pleasure to be Raphael’s friend on Facebook already know that he has a not so secret passion for good food (meat and yes, mostly in the middle of the night because that’s when geniuses work) and ironing parties. Furthermore, he is really crazy about (EYP) Austria’s regions, which makes ‘riding an ÖBB train’ his favourite leisure time activity.

As a proud EU citizen, equipped with helpful devices, Raphael cares to raise awareness, academic quality and appreciation for political issues as well as good looks (of documents, of course) wherever and however possible. So once you get a hold of Raphael share your ideas with him, there is no one else as amiable as Mr. Bek when there are new events to plan and people to meet.

We are very glad to have such an inspiring person on board of EYP Austria!

EYP-ers of the Month: August

Lea Bogensperger and Eva Reitbauer have spent over a year preparing and organising the European Youth Forum Graz 2013. The Forum, which took place from the 8th to 12th of July, summoned 90 EYPers from all over Europe under the historic rooftops of Graz and gave them a chance to discuss important issues in the field of Research & Development.

During this event, Lea and Eva showed exceptional leadership as well as exceptional personal qualities. Their kind, always-smiling approach to Head-Organising made the forum a joy for Officials and Delegates alike.

Lea, who is a student of Biomedical Engineering at Graz University of Technology, first joined EYP Austria at the National Conference 2011 in Vienna. Since then, she has participated in both national and international EYP events as a Delegate, Chair and Organiser.

Eva, who is a student at Graz University of Technology in the field of Geomatics Engineering, started her impressive EYP career at the 1st International Youth Forum Leipzig 2011, which she attended together with Lea. As an active member of EYP Austria, Eva has not only participated in various sessions both nationally and internationally, but has also attended several other events, such as Alumni Weekends and Trainings.

Both as a team and individually, Eva and Lea are irreplaceable members of EYP Austria and we are very much looking forward to their future plans within EYP.

Thank you for everything!

EYP-ers of the Month: December

December is the month of parties and feasts and where better to celebrate than at an EYP Session?

Our lovely Regional Coordinators in Salzburg, Johanna Egger and Katharina Radler, are currently diligently organising the very first EYP Day in Salzburg, which will take place on the 14th of December. Thanks to them, Salzburg will get a little bit of the Austrian EYP spirit right before Christmas and so Johanna and Kathi are without a doubt our EYP-ers of the Month.

We are immensely happy to have such great and  couragous Regional Coordinators in Salzburg and are really looking forward to what’s next!