Members Abroad – 11 April, 2023


Hannah Aichhorn will be representing EYP Austria as Editor at the  Ourense Regional Selection Conference 2023 in Portugal. We wish her a pleasant journey and a wonderful sunny time in southern Europe.

Emily Usner, President of EYP Austria, was present at the BNC Spring 2023 Meeting, 31 March to 2 April in Berlin, and shares her experiences and insights with you, so read along: 

“The BNC Meeting happens only twice a year and is a wonderful opportunity for Board members from all around Europe to come together and connect with each other. At this years Spring Meeting we had 32 out of 36 National Committees in attendance, which shows the importance of this event to the network. It was extremely interesting to listen to and participate in the discussions on the many different agenda points and get an insight into the viewpoints and workings of other NCs. In simple terms one can imagine it a lot like any other session GA, with people raising placards, making direct responses and voting on a variety of different policies, guidelines and working procedure or charter changes. Among other things we discussed Guidelines on Vehicular Safety based on a policy EYP Austria had co-submitted with EYP Belgium and the former EYP Estonia at the Fall 2022 BNC Meeting. Decisions were also made on the suspension of EYP Romania, new EYP Avatars as well as updates to the Policy on Evaluation and Feedback. 

Although I have been a member of the EYP network for many years at this point, this was a completely new and exciting opportunity for me and I am extremely happy that I was able to be a part of an event that is so essential to our network. It  shows how sophisticated yet accessible our governance structure is and that while it sometimes feels like we are all just individual members who doing the work to keep our NCs up and running we are in fact part of a much larger and far reaching organisation and support system.”

Members Abroad – 11 March, 2023

Delegates Abroad

Our Austrian Delegation consisting of Chiara Auer, Elena Hammer, Elena Macura, Elisabeth Bazil, Katharina Brun, Mauro Baumann and Simon Gartner is still present at the 98th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Tromsø. The Session last until tomorrow, we hope they are having a great time, are not freezing too much and have a safe trip back to Austria. 

Members Abroad – 1 March, 2023

Delegates Abroad

We are proud that Chiara Auer, Elena Hammer, Elena Macura, Elisabeth Bazil, Katharina Brun, Mauro Baumann and Simon Gartner form the Delegation for the 98th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Tromsø. The Session will be taking place 4-12 March. We wish them all the best on their journey, wonderful experiences and extraordinary insights about the Arctic.

Special Edition – Florian Huber 

“My name is Florian Huber and I am a member of EYP Austria! I have been fortunate enough to participate in numerous EYP sessions both domestically and internationally – as a delegate and as an official. My experiences travelling around Europe, meeting young people from different countries, getting to know new cultures, and sharing thoughts and ideas with others have left a lasting impression on me.

Many of the friendships I’ve formed with participants have endured after the sessions have ended. These unique friendships have been an incredible source of joy, support and knowledge in my life.

For me, one advantage of an Austrian session is that they provide an opportunity to reunite with friends from previous sessions more frequently. 

I urge everyone who gets the opportunity to travel around for EYP to seize it! EYP has given me some of the most unforgettable experiences and opportunities to grow as an individual, and I have no doubt it will do the same for you!”

Members Abroad – February 11, 2023

Officials Abroad

Hannah Reischer will be attending the Spanish Regional in Huesca. For her chairing experience abroad, we wish her good luck and an insightful time throughout the event. 

Cornelie Becker will be representing EYP Austria at the Regional Session in Oeiras, Portugal. She will be the Editress of the Session, for which we wish her all the best and an amazing time in southern Europe. 

EYP Austria Faces: Julia Haslauer

Today, we are introducing a new category on EYP Austria Faces.

We will use this category to introduce you to members of our organisation and bring them closer to you. Starting with Julia Haslauer, Regional Coordinator of Upper Austria, you can read through those articles and find out what our members do, how they got involved and what is coming up. Enjoy!


Julia Haslauer started her EYP journey only in 2014, when she attended the EYP Day in Linz. After the 15th National Session in Graz, she took part in several trainings at this year’s Alumni Weekend in Melk. Today, Julia is not only Regional Coordinator of Upper Austria, but also head-organiser of the Regional Session in Gmunden/Traunsee where she uses the knowledge she gathered during the Organising-Training at the Alumni Weekend. Julia is is with the words “…a session in a castle. What do you want more?”

Julia’s vast enthusiasm for our organisation and work has provided our members lovely hours at Jours Fixes, a socialising event and will – soon – at a Regional Session. We want to thank Julia for her work and are looking forward to future projects with her!