Call for Officials for the Project Forum Henriettenplatz

This call is closed

We are delighted to announce that EYP Austria is calling for Officials who will be supporting the BRG/ORG Henriettenplatz in their Erasmus+ project “My EU-ID”, which the school is carrying out with partner schools in Germany, France, and Norway.

The project, which has students discussing their cultural identities, will be completed this spring, 2017/18’s thematic focus being Europe’s future. As central part of the project, EYP Austria will organise a parliamentary simulation lasting from April 16 to 18, which will parallel a classic EYP Session although the framework and length are new in Austria.

EYP Austria is calling for applicants for the following positions:

  • 2 Organisers, who will join Marjan Osojnik and Philipp Leindl in realising everything from broad visions down the tiniest organisational details about the Session.
  • 1 Vice-President, who will support Kerstin Reisinger in the Sessions’ academic leadership, and who will add their very own vision to Kerstin’s ideas on integrated Teambuilding.
  • 4 Chairpersons, each of whom will chair their own international committee during the Session and will help them with academic preparation beforehand by phrasing the topics and preparing overviews on them.
  • An Editor or a pair of Editors, who will contribute their creativity and skills to the event by overseeing the Session’s media output.
  • 2-3 Media Team Members, who will join the Editor(s) in making the Session a memorable one.

To apply, please fill out all information asked for in the application form supplied below. The deadline for applications is Sunday, 25 February 2018, 23:59 CEST. EYP Austria withholds the right to reject late applications.