Call for Head-Organisers for EYP Austria’s Members Weekend 2017

This call is closed

We are delighted to open the Call for Head-Organisers for EYP Austria's Members Weekend 2017. Our annual Members Weekend is an important event for EYP Austria as it brings together members of all generations for a full weekend of training and socialising. We are looking for Head-Organisers with a strong vision and creative ideas to make the Members Weekend a memorable weekend for everyone involved.

While the EYP Austria’s General Assembly does not need to be directly included in the programme of the Members Weekend, we would like to hold the General Assembly on the same weekend. Therefore, the Members Weekend should ideally take place on one of the first weekends of June 2017 and be held in a location from which it is possible to reach either Graz or Vienna in less than one hour in order to be open to as many attendees as possible. The compatibility of the applicants’ proposals with these general guidelines for the time and location will be taken into consideration in the selection process.