EYP Mini Sessions: Registration for Officials Pool

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The so-called EYP Mini Sessions are our brand new session format for our shortest of sessions; EYP Austria's Academic Quality Team and EYP Austria's Team on Event and School Coordination have invested a lot of time and efforts into shaping this new concept and we are excited to try it out in the upcoming months. EYP Mini Sessions will take place in schools all over Austria; they will last approximately 5 to 7 hours for Delegates (the duration of the session will vary depending on circumstances) and are meant to introduce interested students to what EYP is all about by giving them a very short insight into what happens at an EYP session.

Through this registration form, it is possible to express interest in participating in one of EYP Austria's upcoming EYP Mini Sessions in any of the roles listed above. You can indicate the role(s) you are interested in by ticking the relevant boxes in the form below and answering the respective short questions. Not all dates and locations for EYP Mini Sessions have been set and it is possible that EYP Mini Sessions will happen at rather short notice upon request. Therefore, rather than registering for particular sessions, you will be able to indicate months and regions where you would be interested in attending an EYP Mini Session.

The deadline for registrations for EYP Mini Sessions taking place in autumn and winter is 18 November 2016, 23:59 CET. The Call will very likely be opened once again in early 2017 for EYP Mini Sessions taking place in spring.