Call for Team Members

This call is closed

EYP Austria is happy to open the Call for Team Members who will work together with Board Members in their respective portfolios. Team members will be given ownership and freedom to carry out projects and to implement their own ideas. This is an excellent opportunity for Members regardless of their level of experience to make their own visions a reality and to gain valuable insights into how the Board of EYP Austria and our organisation as a whole work behind the scenes.

At the moment we are looking for Members of the Team on Event and School Coordination (led by Eva Reitbauer), Members of the Academic Quality Team (led by Maria Köpping), Members of the Fundraising Team (led by Markus Kirchschlager) one Hoodie Coordinator (responsible board member: Matthias Klonner) and one Stash Coordinator (responsible board member: Matthias Klonner).

We want to emphasise that this is the first of two Team Calls that we are launching this year. A second call for Members of different teams will follow in the beginning of autumn.

More information on the call can be found in the call document here. Should you have any questions you can contact the team leaders or meet them in person at our summer socialising.