Call for Online Socialisings

The ESC Team, with Tobias in charge of Socialising matters, is hereby opening a call for Online Socialisings that should take place any day from this week to roughly the middle of March.

Organising a Socialising is very simple, especially in the online format, which is why we want to encourage our members to try it themselves. You simply need an idea for an activity, a date and a time, and you’re basically good to go! For further guidance, the ESC Team has also created a Socialising Guide that you can use as a point of reference.

Unlike other calls in EYP, there will be no selection, instead we will approach everyone who reaches out to us immediately! You can submit your Socialising ideas until this Sunday, 14 February using this form.

For further information, you can contact Tobias (, who is responsible for Socialisings.

We can’t wait for your Socialising ideas!