Call for Officials: EYP Days Linz, Styria

Dear EYPers,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the EYP Day Linz on 7th February 2014, and to the EYP Day Styria on 14th February 2014, taking place in Kaindorf/Sulm (a couple of train stations away from Graz). Both sessions are excellent opportunities for EYPers to develop their skills and try themselves as Officials.

The EYP Days are one-day events with a revised version of the standard EYP session format of Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. The EYP Days are especially interesting for students and are the perfect way to get involved in EYP for the first time.

For the EYP Day Linz, we are now looking for Chairpersons and 2 Vice-Presidents, both Austrian and international, to join session president Jonathan Piepers (BE).
Please note that officials are expected to arrive in Linz a day prior to the session.

For the EYP Day Styria we are looking for Chairpersons, 2 Vice-Presidents, one Editor, as well as members of the Media Team to join the teams of session President Dunja Tanović (UK). Officials will arrive at the session a day earlier for training. Applicants who are applying for the position of Editor are kindly asked to refer to the according document attached.

Please complete the application form for the session you wish to apply for  and send it to Please submit your application as a PDF file, and replace Firstname_Surname in the file name with your own. The application deadline for Officials is Saturday, 14th December 2013, 23:59 CET.

With a charming and dedicated teams of organisers behind the Regional Session and the EYP Day, the events are bound to be amazing. We are searching for a motivated and spirited chairs team for these promising sessions.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Best wishes,

Raphael Bek
National Coordinator, Vice-President of EYP Austria