Call for Delegates – Sessions 2023

We are excited to announce that the Calls for Delegates for our upcoming Regional and National Sessions 2023 are now open! 

Sessions like this are events primarily carried out for first-time Delegates or Delegates with limited experience (e.g. Delegates that have attended an EYP Mini Session). The Sessions will last three to four days for Delegates and include all typical elements of an EYP Session: one day of Teambuilding, one to two days of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly.

The participation fee for Regional Sessions is generally set at 60€. However, there is a discount for delegates that sign up together with a friend or as part of a delegation, for whom the participation fee will be 45€ each.

The participation fee for the National Selection Conference is set at 80€ and there will not be a discount for delegations. 

Students from the age of 16 can participate in Sessions either as individual Delegates or in a delegation of 4 students from the same school. In the allocation of spots for the session, delegations will be preferred over individual applicants. Austrian participants of the session will be invited to attend the National Selection Conference 2023 subsequently and have the chance of being selected to represent EYP Austria at international events. However delegates can also sign up directly for the National Selection Conference 2023 if they wish to do so. 

Regional Session Vienna 2023 

Dates: 17.-19. February 2023

Head-Organiser: Todor Lankov 

Regional Session Salzburg 2023 

Dates: 17.-19. March 2023 

Head-Organiser: Oliver Beckett 

National Selection Conference Graz 2023 

Dates: 21.-24. April 2023 

Head-Organisers: Hanna Mayr & Luca Peinsold 

To sign up keep visit the Calls Page of our Website!