Call for Delegates for EYP Days 2015

We are proud to officially open the Call for Delegates for all our EYP Days this year.

  • EYP Day Burgenland: Neusiedl/See, 22 December 2015
  • EYP Day Upper Austria: Linz, 13 November 2015
  • EYP Day Tyrol: Kufstein, 27 November 2015

EYP Days are mini-sessions including all elements (Teambuilding, Committee Work, General Assembly) that last one day for Delegates. They are a perfect chance for young people to get to experience an EYP session and learn what the organisation is all about.

Spots to take part in an EYP Day will be distributed according to a first come first serve principle. Please note that you will receive an e-mail from EYP Austria after the call deadline, which will invite you to come and provide you with further information. Only then, you will have your spot secured. After the deadline you will still be able to register – your registration will be considered if there are open spots to take part in an EYP Day.

Register now: