Board of EYP Austria Update and Extraordinary General Assembly

In early February, Marco Kern, the Board Member for Public Relations, resigned, to which the Board has responded by co-opting Hanna Aichhorn for the position. Now the Articles of Association call for an election for the position within three months through the General Assembly. For this situation, this means that an extraordinary General Assembly (eGA) is necessary, which will take place within the next month; we will announce the date and further information asap!

At the eGA, there will be the opportunity to run for the position of Board Member for Public Relations until the end of the current Board period, with the co-opted Board Member also having the right to run as a candidate. Manifestos are not required for candidates but are heavily encouraged and a steady tradition within EYP Austria. All extraordinary (= paying) and honorary members have the right to vote in the election, with members who can’t make it to the eGA still being able to vote in the election by transferring their vote to another member who will attend.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank Marco for his extensive and impressive work in EYP Austria, especially during his presence in the Board of EYP Austria, and we are grateful that Hannah is taking on the position for now!