Board 2022/23 Announcement

While the Board 2022/23 has been working steadfastly for you since June already, the time has now come for some more in depth introductions of our lovely Team. You can also read our introduction over on our EYP Austria Instagram Page in both English and German. 

We will be starting off this series by introducing the Board Members, followed by introductions to the Advidory Board as well as this years Head-Organisers in the coming weeks. So, let’s get this party started! 

President – Emily Usner 

Hello together! My name is Emily and I have the honour of being EYP Austria’s President this year. A few words about me: I am 22 years old, I grew up in Salzburg but now live in Vienna where I study International Relations and Management at Webster University. Outside of EYP I like to spend my time reading, embroidering and listening to a lot of music. 

In the upcoming year my focus will lie on helping my team of Board Members settle into their new roles, help them work together as a team and support them in growing their skills and abilities. In addition to supporting my team, I will keep working on welfare and safety in the organisation, support this year’s Session Mentors, as well as focus on external stakeholders and the International Network to grow EYP Austria’s outreach and presence in Austria as well as abroad. 

Please feel free to reach out to me any time via

Vice-President & International Coordination – Elena Szegedi

Hello everyone, my name is Elena and I am a 22 year old studying International Relations in the Netherlands. I moved here more than a year ago but grew up in southern Carinthia. Besides the EYP I am a fan of Ken Follett books and I am trying to learn some french.

My responsibility for the next board term is International Coordination and Vice-Presidency. I have started with the EYP almost four years ago and for the simple reason to improve my English skills. This organisation has changed my life by sparking my interest for current political debates and showing me the diversity of Europe. I have had the chance to work with amazing personalities, got to know the EYP network in different National Committees and I have the opportunity to continue my learning process this year. I hope you will be joining us in shaping Europe’s future. Remember we all start at the beginning and good things take time to grow.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or just want to chat via

Vice-President & National Coordination – Lisa Weinberger
Hey everyone! My name is Lisa, I am 19 years old and I will be the Board Member for National Coordination, as well as one of the Vice Presidents in this Board term! Being based in Vienna, I am currently studying law at the Vienna main university and business at WU. When I am not busy working for uni, I like to go out and do fun stuff with my friends, try out new restaurants, support my shopping addiction and go hiking with my family. 

My main role in our organisation is to acquire delegates for our sessions and to make sure that they feel supported in our community and that they continue with EYP. This year, my goal is to help grow our member base and enable EYP Austria and its members to be more active aside from sessions by organising socializings as well as other one-day events more regularly. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Please feel free to reach out to me any time via!  

Human Resources – Marcel Kranixfeld

Hey everyone! My name is Marcel and I am 20 years old, living in Graz. In this year, it is my pleasure to be responsible for Human Resources within the Board. I am originally from Hartberg in Styria, but due to my new workplace being in Graz, I moved into this beautiful city. I work as a claim reference at an insurance company and in my free time, I love meeting up with friends or learning new languages.

My work within the organisation focuses mainly on managing calls, carrying out the selections for our events and training our members. In this year, one of my main goals is to gain new members and give already existing members the opportunity to increase their knowledge via training events. This way, we can not only give more members the opportunity to grow within the organisation by becoming officials, but the knowledge we share can also be used for their personal growth in their day to day life. Hope to see you soon, your Masi

I am happy and honoured to actively support a wonderful and growing organisation that has given so much to me ever since 2019.

Please feel free to reach out to me any time via

Fundraising – Paula Kampits 

Hei! I’m Paula, 22 years old, from Vienna, a Master´s student in Business Law at WU and this year’s board member for Fundraising, Active Citizenship and Sustainability.

As a member of EYP since 2015, I have been able to learn a lot through the organization and have grown with it. Now, in my board position, I´m truly excited to see EYP AT grow internally as well as externally by forming new, innovative and sustainable collaborations. In addition, I want to support the personal growth of EYP Austria´s members regarding their active political participation and education by implementing partnerships with relevant political players.

Please feel free to reach out to me any time via