Austrian Chairs Training November 2012

EYP Austria is proud to announce the next chairs training. If you’ve always wanted to chair, this is the very first place we advise you to go. Experiencing a session as a chair will be so much more valuable after you’ve attended a chairs training. Learn about all the DOs and DON’Ts of being a chairperson. Also, your chances of chairing at a session of your choice will increase.
The training will be lead by Sebastian Hosu, who will be sharing all of his knowledge and perhaps quite a few exciting stories from his EYP-experiences. If you plan to try yourself as a chair at either of the upcoming four EYP Days, this chairs training will give you the perfect start.


Dates: 3.–4. November
Location: Vienna
Trainer: Mr. Sebastian Hosu
Level: Beginners

Curious? Excited? Enrich your life and fill out the application form. (Send it back to by 21.10.2012, 23:59 CET).