Announcement Safe Core Team 2022-2023

The Safe Core Team for the term 2022/23 has been selected. Their mandate lasts until 28 February 2023.


  • Leonor Albuquerque Amaral, PT (she/her)
  • Christos Zois, GR (he/him)

Safe Core Team

  • Carolina Sandeman, PT (she/her)
  • Ali-Maeve FitzGerald, IE (she/her)
  • Aliosha Bielenberg, CY (he/him)
  • Alara Özdarendeli, TR (she/her)
  • Fiona Papajani, AL (she/her)

International Reporting- and Complaints Team (sub-division of the SCT)

  • Christos Zois, GR (he/him) (Chair)
  • Leonor Albuquerque Amaral, PT (she/her) (Chair)
  • Weronika Betta, PL (she/her)
  • Maria Manolescu, RO (she/her)
  • Ignacio Argüelles Martínez, ES (he/him)
  • Karin-Liis Lahtmäe, EE (she/her)
  • Ilias-Marios Oikonomou, GR (he/him)
  • Annelou Snippe, NL (she/her) (International Safe Person)

For questions regarding welfare and safety in EYP, the Safe Core Team can be reached through To file a report or complaint, or for any questions regarding the complaints mechanism, the complaints team can be reached through The Member’s platform welfare wiki page will be updated shortly with the team’s contact information.