Alumni Weekend 2015: Call for International Trainers

Dear EYPers,

We have now launched a call for international trainers for EYP Austria‘s Alumni Weekend from 12th to 14th June 2015 in a medieval castle in Neumarkt. We are looking for experienced EYPers to lead the following trainings and workshops:

  • Chairs basic, which will cover chairing for beginners;
  • Chairs advanced, for alumni who already have experience in chairing;
  • Organising, where experience as an organiser at an Austrian session is an advantage, but not a prerequisite;
  • Journalism, for alumni who want to learn more about both written and visual aspects of Media in EYP;
  • Delegate Preparation, for delegates, who will be selected to represent EYP Austria abroad just a few weeks before the Alumni Weekend

Also, we are open for proposals for other trainings.

The Alumni Weekend is set out to be a high-quality training event for EYP Austria alumni. Please find detailed information about the event and the application process on the following pages.

We look forward to your applications and hope to see you in Neumarkt! Best wishes from Austria,