Advisory Board 2022/23 Announcement

In the second Edition of our “Introduction to EYP Austria”-Series we are introducing you to our wonderful Advisory Board (AB). You can also read our introduction series over on our EYP Austria Instagram Page in both English and German. 

Advisory Board – Phil, Anna and Marvin 

The Advisory Board consists of Phil, Anna and Marvin. They value lively exchanges within and between the Board and Advisory Board, diversity of opinion, and support as well as guidance when it is desired or needed.

Phil is a 21-year-old student of german philology in Vienna. Phil is an open-minded, dedicated and humorous person who is full of ambition to make the world a better one. 

Anna is 24 years young and studies law in Vienna. She is a lovely person to be around and enjoys, amongst others, academics, books and especially plants.

Marvin is 21 years old and studies economics and political science in Vienna. In his free time, Marvin likes to sleep, overly confidently discuss complex issues and overall be a very wholesome person.