Active Citizenship in EYP Austria

With our call to take part in the global climate strike, we would also like to draw your attention to our active citizenship efforts in general. Whilst active citizenship was one of three guiding values of the previous Board, it has in the meantime been formalised as a floating portfolio (i.e. one of the portfolios that the Board Members allocate among themselves after their election). Additionally, it is represented in the new National Strategy 2021-25 of EYP Austria (1.1 Societal Impact, 1.4 Educational Value, 3.3 Pluralism), as well as the international EYP Strategy 2021-25 (first pillar, “A network that works as a catalyst for Active Citizenship”).

This year it is my pleasure to be in charge of this new portfolio, and I hope to realise projects that will inform our members on issues of our time and encourage them to actively shape their future and exchange their views among each other. To achieve this, I hope to have you on my side. If you are part of any interesting initiative that you would like to publicise or discuss, please reach out to me (Philipp Leindl | | +43 6645229286 | Social Media | EYP AT Discord) so that we can find an adequate outlet! As the Board, we are happy to support constructive causes that are compatible with our articles of association.