Austrian Alumni Weekend 2013: Call for Trainees

Dear Members of EYP Austria,

The EYP Austria Alumni Weekend 2013 will be held in Krems an der Donau from 2nd to 4th of August 2013 (Friday to Sunday). The event will give Austrian EYPers the chance to participate in several trainings and workshops, as well as an interesting panel debate. The Alumni Weekend will also be an out-standing opportunity to meet and socialise with other EYPers.

We have put together some excellent trainings and workshops, lead by the best trainers we could find. Take this unique opportunity to learn more about EYP, achieve some new skills and meet some outstanding fellow EYPers.

We warmly invite you to be part of this amazing event, and hope to see you in Krems in August! The organisers are happy to answer all your questions at

Best wishes,
(on behalf of the Board of EYP Austria as well as the Organising Team)

Jakob Etzel and Raphael Bek
President of EYP Austria, and Head-Organiser of the Alumni Weekend

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