13th National Conference: Report on Vienna 2012

The 13th year in a row EYP Austria is happy to celebrate another great National Conference. Our annual session gathered 40 experienced EYP-ers from all over Europe, who introduced 100 mainly first-time delegates to the wondrous world of the European Youth Parliament.

Following the session motto the young parliamentarians bridged the gap between hard work and a lot of fun. Starting with a sunny day of Teambuilding we enjoyed two days of productive Committee Work which was concluded by a very lively General Assembly on the last day.
Heavily discussed questions about the future of Europe‘s relationship with China or the dangers of increasing right-wing populism drove the delegates to perform at their very best and produce interesting resolutions. The participants also had time for some socialising over delicious traditional food at the Austrian Village and presented their best dance moves at the Theme Party dressed up like there was no tomorrow.
This year we also worked on improving the sustainability of our sessions, by replacing a great part of plastic cups with stylish reusable cups from the Museumsquartier. However, what really kept the environmentally friendly spirit alive a the session was the can-crusher. Sponsored by ‘Jede Dose Zählt’, this little helper made it great fun to recycle all the used cans.

Overall, the smooth interaction amongst all participants and the energetic mood they brought to our session made the 13th National Conference of EYP Austria an unforgettable event for everyone.

Find more photos from the session on the EYP Austria Facebook Page.