Political education for students

Our mission is to support the development of young
people into politically aware and responsible citizens by
involving them in European political thinking and
promoting intercultural understanding.

Intercultural experiences

We bring together young people from over 35 European countries
in annually 200+ events taking place all over Europe.

Discussing opinions

We offer a platform for young people to express their opinions, and to discuss and exchange visions

Award-winning youth programme

The European Youth Parliament Austria has among other prices been awarded the Austrian Europa Staatspreis 2015 and the European Change Communications Award 2014.

EYP is for everyone

The EYP community reaches from pupils of vocational schools and high schools to university students and encompasses people from different socio-economic backgrounds from all over the country.

European Youth Parliament (abbrev.: EYP)

The EYP is a unique educational programme which brings together young people from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary setting.
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Others on EYP

The European Youth Parliament is of remarkable value as a platform to foster political engagement among European youth.

The participation of young people is like the sun for a tree, indispensable in a strong Europe. Be a part of EYP. Your future, your Europe!

I consider the EYP an ideal instrument for enhancing pan-European political education that at the same time provides language training and the development of knowledge and skills. I advise all secondary and vocational schools to join the EYP programme and take part in their activities.

Young, highly committed people in intercultural cooperation. That is politics, society and economy – lived in a refreshing way. I was impressed by the energy and the positive approach to quite complex topics. Thank you for the inspiring exchange!

EYP doesn’t only mean getting new friends wherever you go, but also constantly being challenged to become better in every way. Apart from that, it means trying to find out what being European really means.

EYP is the perfect combination of fun and learning, challenge and safety, individual development and collaboration. A youth organisation for the future of Europe.

Latest News

EYP Austria goes Pride

29 Jun 2022

EYP Austria encourages its members to join the upcoming celebrations and demonstrations supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. 

In this spirit, L Zöhrer will be the EYP Austria contact person for the Christopher Street Day in Graz on 2 July. If you want to come but don’t know with whom to go or where to be, you can reach out to L

Stay loud and proud!

Europa-Forum Neumarkt 2022 | 15 to 17 July

29 Jun 2022

The Europa-Forum of the European Federalist Movement (EFB) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) will take place in Neumarkt in Styria from 15 to 17 July (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). Politics, society, economy and, above all, Europe are at the centre of the event, which this year is marked by major crises under the motto: Europe, where are you? Courage to act! (Europa, wo bist du? Mut zum Handeln!). 

The unique venue – Europaburg Forchtenstein – enchants with its flair and guarantees a warm atmosphere, which stimulates open conversations and discussions. The programme is divided into several sub-areas, in which different aspects of the main topic will be examined. Breaks between the items on the agenda, shared meals, and the evening programme will encourage an informal exchange of views. For young people, the Europe Forum offers the chance to learn more about the European political system, to exchange ideas with decision-makers and experts, and to experience an instructive and entertaining weekend together.The EFB and JEF cover all costs for meals and accommodation. If you are interested in participating, you can find out more and register through this formby 3 July. In case of any questions, please contact Markus Seunig (markus.seunig@jef-steiermark.at).

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