Call for Editor(s), Vice-Presidents and Chairpersons for the IF Vienna 2016

We are thrilled to announce that our Call for Editor(s), Vice-Presidents and Chairpersons for the International Forum Vienna 2016 is now open.

Three years after EYP Austria’s last International Forum was held in Graz, the time has come to organise the next one, taking place in the beautiful Austrian capital Vienna from 18 to 24 May 2016.

We are now looking for one or two Editors, two Vice-Presidents and ten Chairpersons to join Oscar Stenbom’s team. Due to full funding by the OSCE via the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs we will have travel reimbursements up to 150€ for all Officials and European Delegates.

Please note that Officials will be expected to arrive one day prior to the session.

Be part of an extraordinary event, that does not only stand out by its beautiful venues, great funding and its high academic quality, but will also have a more international flair than ever, with Delegates arriving from all OSCE Member States.

Join Oscar Stenbom’s team and apply! We are looking forward to your applications.

Note: Due to a necessary subsequent change in the Application Form we ask you to re-download the document, if you have retrieved it before 3 March 2016, 12:45am.


Call for Delegates for the NYS Salzburg 2016

Copy of Salzburg 2015 Logo_D_1bw_title_small

We are happy to launch the Call for Delegates for the National Youth Summit 2016.

With a round of three Regional Sessions successfully completed, EYP Austria has already selected 48 Delegates to receive secure spots at the National Youth Summit Salzburg 2016. We are now looking to fill the remaining spots with Delegations and Individual Delegates from Austria as well as some international Delegates.

The National Youth Summit constitutes the second part of our two-step National Selection Process and is EYP Austria’s flagship event in 2016. The Summit will take place from 8 to 11 April 2016 (for Delegates) and gather a total of 150 participants in the beautiful city of Salzburg. At this four-day-session, an experienced Jury will select Delegates to represent EYP Austria at the European Youth Parliament’s upcoming two International Sessions as well as other international events.

For more information about the call and how to register please refer to the infosheet.


Selection Report for Media Team and Jury Members of the NYS Salzburg 2016

The Selection of 10 Media Team Members and 3 Jury Members for EYP Austria’s National Youth Summit Salzburg 2016 has been completed.

The Media Team will be composed of the two session Editors, one Video Editor, one Photo Editor and eight Journalists. The Jury will be composed of one Head of Jury, three Jury Members and one additional Jury Member representing the Board of EYP Austria. With this, we proudly present to you our Media Team and Jury of the National Youth Summit 2016:

Media Team

  • Manon Schürch (Editor, CH)
  • Tom Wolfskämpf (Editor, DE)
  • Jannis Betschki (Video Editor, AT)
  • Aino Röyskö (Photo Editor, FI)
  • Mikaella Christodouolidi (CY)
  • Özgür Gencer (TR)
  • Ekaterina Gurevich (CH)
  • Tarik Lazouni (CH)
  • Eike Plhak (DE)
  • Lydia Purschke (DE)
  • Caspar Spillmann (CH)
  • Eylül Yalcinkaya (TR)


  • Beáta Veisová (Head of Jury, CZ)
  • Raphael Bek (AT)
  • Marek Haisl (CZ)
  • Maria Köpping (Board Representative, AT)
  • David Plahl (DE)

For more information please refer to the selection report.


Call for Organisers for the International Forum Vienna 2016

We are thrilled to announce that our second Call for Organisers for the International Forum Vienna 2016 is now open.

It has been almost three years since EYP Austria’s last International Forum was held in Graz. Now we are excited to organise the next one, taking place in the beautiful Austrian capital Vienna from 18 to 24 May 2016. Aiming to create not only a session to remember, but a unique event that is incomparable to others, we are now looking to complete our team of Organisers. Therefore we are looking for EYPers who are eager and willing to work on this goal with us and our Core Team, while putting their own ideas into practice.

Please note that Organisers will be expected to arrive two days prior to the session. Furthermore, there will be two preparation weekends for Organisers leading up to the session, the first of them taking place in the beginning of March, the second in April.

Being part of this team will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve yourself, to shape a truly international event and to experience a unique session atmosphere in the lovely city of Vienna.

To apply, please fill in the application form and submit it to Due to practical reasons, only PDF files will be considered. The deadline for applications is Friday, 12 February 2016 23:59 CET. Late applications will not be accepted. For more information please refer to the Call Document.

Join our team and apply! We are looking forward to your applications.


Chairs Training Vienna 2016

We are thrilled to announce that EYP Austria will be hosting an Advanced Chairs Training as well as a Beginners Chairs Training taking place in Vienna from 20 to 21 February 2016. The training on advanced level will be lead by Nathan Hunter (FR) and Lia Pachler (AT). The training for beginners will be lead by Jelena Stevanovic (AT). Join these talented and experienced trainers for an inspiring training event in Vienna!

Beginners Chairs Training

This training will cover the basics of chairing and is meant for EYPers with little or no prior chairing experience. Join Jelena for an amazing training that could be your stepping stone into the world of chairing.

Advanced Chairs Training

Join Nathan and Lia for two days of training in Vienna, taking both your chairing skills and your leadership skills to the next level. This will be the chance for experienced chairpersons to develop their chairing abilities, focusing on the finer academic and personal development aspects of chairing. The training will go beyond committee leadership, as it will also include certain modules on how to lead a chairs team and discussing the different approaches VPs and Presidents can take during a session to optimise the performance and learning of their team. Since this is a training on advanced level (not an introduction to chairing), you should have chaired in at least two sessions that lasted for more than one day in order to participate.

Organisational Details and Registration

The training will start at 11:00 on 20 February and end at 17:00 on 21 February, including two full days of training as well as an evening with dinner and socialising. Please note that the participation fee covering all materials as well as Coffee Break snacks is 10€. Dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday will be at participants’ own expense.

To participate in this inspiring training event, please register at the following link no later than Monday, 8 February 2016, 23:59 CET:

The registration is open for both national and international EYPers. However, since this is an event organised primarily for EYP Austria’s alumni, Members of our National Committee will be prioritised in the allocation of spots. After the deadline, remaining spots will be offered to internationals who registered on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have any further questions regarding the training, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Trainers of the event. For questions concerning the registration or organisational matters, please contact EYP Austria’s Human Resource Coordinator and Board Member responsible for this event Maria Köpping at


Selection Report for Core Team Organisers of the IF Vienna 2016

The Selection Panel composed of Matthias Klonner (session Head-Organiser), Anastasia Korsunsky (session Head-Organiser), Maria Köpping (session Mentor as a representative of the Board of EYP Austria) and Patrick Deutschmann (silent member for the Board of EYP Austria) has concluded the selection of four Core Team Organisers.

We proudly present the Organising Core Team of the International Forum Vienna 2016:

  • Matthias Klonner (Head-Organiser, AT)
  • Anastasia Korsunsky (Head-Organiser, AT)
  • Dominik Loibner (AT)
  • Ricarda Pfingstl (AT)
  • Florian Schinnerl (AT)
  • Theresa Simon (AT)

More information about the selection can be found in the selection report.


EYP Day Burgenland 2015


With the EYP Day Burgenland, the European Youth Parliament Austria continued to expand its activities to wider audiences within the country with considerable success, as was already done in the Tyrol. The team of international officials arrived at the “Akademie der Wirtschaft” the session venue in Neusiedl am See, on December 21 to participate in a training event held by the Session President, Dennis Patriarcheas, hailing from Greece, supported by a motivated duo of Vice-Presidents. Apart from a few tiny delays on behalf of the Organising Team, the training went smoothly and everyone was finished in time to spend a relaxed evening at the Italian, chatting and getting stuffed on Pizza.


Sufficient nutrition would turn out to be essential for getting through the session day, which lasted more than twelve hours for the officials. By a stroke of luck, Billa, which had voluntarily agreed to provide all participants with lunch, prepared double the sandwiches the Organisers were expecting – in hindsight, something the participants had sorely needed: By the time of lunch, Delegates had not only gone through Teambuilding and gotten to know their committees through shared fun and awkwardness, they had already begun to tackle the intimidating task of creating a resolution paper on the incredibly tight schedule of less than half a day. But tackle it they did, every one of them: By half past three, all 44 Delegates and their Chairpersons came together in the General Assembly to discuss the proposed resolutions to problems as diverse as Gender Inequality at the Workplace, Turkey’s and Britain’s EU membership, the ongoing refugee crisis or the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture. At first, Delegates seemed to shy away from the prospect of speaking in a foreign language in front of dozens of peers, but soon a heated debate evolved to form the culmination of this short but, hopefully, sweet day.


Not only did the event leave an impression on the participants, however: Additionally to a number of media representatives, we had the honour of welcoming Mag.a Astrid Eisenkopf, leader of, among other things, the regional governments’ Youth resort, as a session guest, where she expressed her interest in supporting the EYP in future events in Burgenland. We hope the opportunity will soon again arise.

by Robin Hietz