Political education for students

Our mission is to support the development of young people into politically aware and responsible citizens by involving them in European political thinking and promoting intercultural understanding.


Intercultural experiences

We bring together young people from over 35 European countries in annually 200+ events taking place all over Europe.


Discussing opinions

We offer a platform for young people to express their opinions, and to discuss and exchange visions


Award-winning youth programme

The European Youth Parliament Austria has among other prices been awarded the Austrian Europa Staatspreis 2015 and the European Change Communications Award 2014.


EYP is for everyone

The EYP community reaches from pupils of vocational schools and high schools to university students and encompasses people from different socio-economic backgrounds from all over the country.

European Youth Parliament (abbrev.: EYP)

The EYP is a unique educational programme which brings together young people from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary setting.
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Others on EYP

Jean-Claude Juncker

The European Youth Parliament has been a forum for discussion and reflection for European youth on European policies for more than 20 years. In this way, they contribute to building tomorrow’s Europe. I wish them all continued success.

Jean-Claude JunckerPresident of the European Commission@JunckerEU on Twitter
Asdin El Habbassi, BA

The participation of young people is like the sun for a tree, indispensable in a strong Europe. Be a part of EYP. Your future, your Europe!

Asdin El Habbassi, BAMember of the Austrian ParliamentAustrian Parliament
Mag. Maria Pichlbauer

I consider the EYP an ideal instrument for enhancing pan-European political education that at the same time provides language training and the development of knowledge and skills. As a counsellor for EU and Internationalisation at the local school authority in Styria, I advise all upper secondary schools in general and vocational education including vocational schools for apprentices to join the EYP programme and take part in their activities.

Mag. Maria PichlbauerCounsellor for EU and Internationalisation at the local school authority in Styria
Robert Hietz

EYP doesn’t only mean getting new friends wherever you go, but also constantly being challenged to become better in every way. Apart from that, it means trying to find out what being European really means.

Robert HietzStudent and member of EYP Austria

Latest News

EYP Mini Session Wiener Neustadt

25 Nov 2016

On 22nd November members of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) from all over Austria met in the Babenbergerring Gymnasium to give students of the town of Wiener Neustadt an understanding of EYP.

The day started at seven o’clock with the General Teambuilding in the school’s gymnasium, where the president of the session, Michael Ernst, welcomed all the delegates.

After a quick division into committees, the teambuilding continued in those smaller groups. Shortly after, the chairpersons had to proceed with committee work in order to discuss, understand and solve current problems of the EU with their delegates.

In a relaxing lunch break, which was sweetened by Weltladen, the students had time to prepare for the last major agenda of the day: the General Assembly.

The four committees were now given the opportunity to present their topics with its problems and possible solutions, which they had discussed in the last hours. In the subsequent Q&A rounds, delegates from other committees were able to follow up and question the solutions. After two hours of lively discussions, the session was closed with the European Anthem.

Europa Staatspreis 2016 wurde verliehen

3 Sep 2016

Am 28. August 2016 wurde im Rahmen des Europäischen Forums Alpbach der Europa Staatspreis 2016 von EU Kommissar aD Franz Fischler und Innenminister Wolfgang Sobotka verliehen. Dieses Jahr konnte das Projekt “EuropaClubs” in der Kategorie Jugend überzeugen.

Die Initiative wurde von Daniel Gerer (Gesamtleitung, Konzeption, Idee) entwickelt und geleitet und wird, neben dem Europäischen Jugendparlament Österreich, auch von den Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten (JEF), Europe Direct, dem Europäischen Bildungsinstitut, AIESEC, AEGEE, der Europäischen Bewegung Österreich gemeinsam mit dem Bildungsministerium für Bildung (BMB), dem Bundesministerium für Familie und Jugend (BMFJ) und mit der Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission sowie des Europäischen Parlaments durchgeführt. Als Teil dieser Initiative freuen wir uns besonders über die Verleihung dieses Preises.

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